Why Theresa Fowler?

I have known Theresa Fowler for over five years, when she was Vice President, at a GL Homes community. Theresa was available to us from our first question to our very last and then some. She is knowledgeable and thorough when it comes to every detail of a home; from appliances to landscape, painters to blinds, Theresa was a phenomenal resource in our building process – she knows the product!


Jill & Steven Berlin

Why Theresa Fowler?

Theresa Fowler was a key advisor to me from the day I purchased my home in south Palm Beach County. She is a knowledgeable home builder as well as all living in Palm Beach County. 

She helped me resolve some thorny issues during the build-out of my home through to past the warranty period provided by the developer. Theresa will be my first phone call whenever I decide to purchase my next home.

Andrea C. Levine

Why Theresa Fowler

I have known Theresa Fowler for over five years, when she was Vice President, at a GL Homes community. From the day I went to contract, Theresa has been an instrumental resource in terms of home options available that would be the best value for my family. Not only did she help me personally in terms of my home building, but also she was instrumental in several key community safety items that were above and beyond those originally planned by the developer. To this day, she is a constant source of information about Palm Beach County as well as real estate development overall.

Jerry Greenfield



Why Theresa Fowler?

Theresa Fowler is a true expert in the Valencia homes and the lifestyle that is afforded to residents of those communities. I first met her when I closed on my house at the Reserve in 2011 and she demonstrated over and over again a professionalism and expertise in both the product she was selling as well as always trying to strike a good balance between the buyer and the seller of the property. It was a pleasure to work with her and to see how she was always willing to work with her clients to see that their issues were resolved in a mutually satisfactory manner.

Norman H

Why Theresa Fowler?

Theresa Fowler Webb was, by far, the best real estate agent that I employed in my search for a home in Palm Beach County (I had four such agents, in succession).
She was diligent (providing weekly updates), efficient (in making appointments and asking relevant questions to both myself and prospective sellers), and did not push me to accept something about which I was less than 100% sure. She did NOT do as so many other agents — provide me with information and arrange visits to just about anything on the market, regardless of whether or not it fit my specifications. 
Once I decided upon a place, she made sure that my bid was first to be received and of an acceptable nature. In fact, if there is any criticism at all to be leveled, it is that I overbid. This, however, reflected my own attitude as much as any advice I received from Theresa.

Upon successful bid, Theresa was of immeasurable help with all forms, contracts, and contacts with seller, seller’s agent, escrow agent, HOA, etc. to make sure the transaction was completed in short order and without any ‘bumps in the road.’

I can recommend her without reservation.

Jonathan Schiffer
Delray Beach, FL

Why Theresa Fowler?

I have known Theresa for 14 years and when she told me she was retiring from GL Homes, I remember thinking how would all her skills, talent and energy resurface.
To cut a long story short, Theresa has chosen to offer home buyers and sellers her unique qualifications and indisputable knowledge of the Palm Beach County real estate market.
Theresa specializes in active adult communities ( 55+) and her ground up knowledge is extraordinary. Theresa goes above and beyond and is committed to positive outcomes. 

If you are buying or selling a home Palm Beach County (or elsewhere) give Theresa a call, you will not be disappointed, and you will have a friend for life.

Ken Schwarz